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Performance work

‘The Extimacy Dress’ / ‘morphogenesis: emotions’ (2017)

Interaction Designer: Betty Zhang

Costume Designer: Hana Zeqa

Performer: Amy Cartwright

Blog about this project

‘Shader’ (2017)

Creater: Friendred

Performer: Amy Cartwright

‘Touch Me’ (2017)

Creater: Friendred

Performer: Amy Cartwright

excerpt from: ‘If Not’ (2015)

Choreographer: Bahar Fattahi

Performers: Amy Cartwright, Erica Moshman

‘Improv’ (2016)

Performers: Amy Cartwright

Filmography: Alice Underwood

excerpt from: ‘Hagakure Dances’ (2014)

Choreographer: Suse Tietjen

Composer: Gareth Moorcraft

Performer: Amy Cartwright

Playing with Interactive Systems

Created by: Friendred

Created by: Colin Higgs