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Creative Process

Overarching theme - Place Based Identity

Initial response to previous artwork


I started by reflecting on which locations help to form my identity and I decided that this must surely change based on my current situation. Whilst studying, my university campus has become such a strong part of my identity, so I decided to limit my piece to exploring various locations on campus some I use often and some that are often unseen by the students.

Triangles were a strong theme in the previous artist’s work. This resonated with me as triangles are considered one of the strongest structures and much of my personal strength comes from the locations which I spend time in. I decided to continue with this theme in my own work, using the triangular shape as a starting point.

My work

Live improvisation which is captured by my webcam and fed through a program I have written in C++ which distorts the image by triangulating based on dominant colours in the frame. This improvisation is peppered with various panoramic captures of various locations around Goldsmiths University of London Campus.

To make this work, I first wrote the code and experimented with different data to get closer to the look I wanted. I then explored my campus finding locations that I would like to use. I then filmed a panoramic sweep of each of these locations using the program I had written. Once I had these I set up in a white room and filmed an improvised response, taking influence from the locations I had visited and the previous artist’s images. Once I had each clip, I thin edited the footage to create a small and simple dance film.

Locations used